Strange things appeared at Corf Campsite in early June…….



….Totem poles….. 







….corralls full of horses….





…. pop-up saloon bars ….








…. even the mascots got in on the act ….


…. as the Wild West came to the “Wild” West (of the Island) for the Annual Beaveree weekend.


Not only were there 450 Beavers at the event, but half of them camped overnight too! Who said that Beavers can’t have all the fun that Cubs do, too!



There were far too many goings on to list them all here, but my personal favourite was the “Barkeep Training” where budding bartenders has to slide a glass of Adams Ale (sorry 6-8 year olds do not get to play with beer!) along a bartop to a waiting customer who catches it in a bucket. Well, mostly in a bucket.




County Youth Commissioner Victoria assembled a squad consisting of a Beaver, a Cub, a Scout, an Explorer and  a Leader to help her invest her new assistant – East Wight District Youth Commissioner James Toogood.





Camera shy, as always, new Network Commissioner Graham is just behind Victoria as she shouts encouragement to the assembled Beavers.





Sid the Scout, with his friends Jade and Skip came along for the fun and met their number 1 fan, Hannah from Northwood.

Hannah will be meeting Sid again throughout the summer, and is really looking forward to seeing Sid and his friends at the Teddy Bears Picnic in August. (see our events calendar for information).



The Beavers played the Sid the Scout Treasure hunt game… it’s a quick and simple game – there are 40 photos of Sid and his friends which we put up around Corf. Each photo has a name and number on it. Searchers have to find which mini-Scout is assigned to each number, 1-40. Simples!

Download a copy of the photos and rules (and answers) here!

Congratulations to the winners, Steve and his team from 1st Brading!



Another BRILLIANT event by ADC Beavers’ Graham and Amanda and their team.

The Beavers voted to select the theme for next year’s Beaveree and it’s….SPACE!

See you in Space next year….




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