UPDATE. Sid the Scout has fallen into a time warp while playing a game called “the Call of St George” on his phone. To find out more about our St Georges Day rescue attempt follow the posts on www.facebook.com/SidtheScout . Please pass the link on to your Scout friends and parents as this will keep them informed too. Thanks, GIJoe.


This year’s St George’s Parade will also be our Walkie Talkie.

Come along to Newport town for four hours of activity helping Sid the Scout get back from being trapped in medieval time and seeing how more youth shaped we can be.

We will tell you where to be exactly in Newport but plan to be near the town centre with all your scout group, together, for 09:30 on Sunday 22nd April. All members to have top half of uniform, appropriate clothing for being outdoors (but shouldn’t be getting muddy!), lunch and a drink. Pet dragons are welcome too.

The event will finish around 14:15 with everyone renewing their promises together.

Please let your DC know if you are going to attend. Just a likely number that you think will represent your group. Even if you think there will only be a few of you we will join groups together.

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