Eileen Finch wants to ask a question…

What’s happened to stop the unstoppable Cuthbert?

Answer: Cuthbert is now a daddy!!

Olivia Hazel was born on 22nd June by emergency Caesarean section.

Mother and daughter now doing well but Cuthbert is knackered

How cute is that? (Olivia, not Cuthbert)…

Congratulations to Sarah and Cuthbert, a new Network Scout on her way and congratulations to Eileen and Derek too!

Eileen also told me about Harvey Wallace, who died on 28th June and whose funeral was on Friday.

About 20 scout leaders, several of whom had “sat at his feet” when youth members learning the advanced skills of knot tying attended.

I’ve also heard today of the sad passing of Ann Twining from the Trefoil Guild.