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Island Scouts to renew their Scout Promise at home

by | April 16 2020 | Latest News | 0 comments

To all Members, Leaders, Supporters and Parents of Members

The restrictions placed on face to face gatherings at present mean that Members of Isle of Wight Scouts cannot gather as normal to renew their Promise.    The Beaver Scout, Cub Scout and Scout Promise are simple ways to help young people and adults keep the Fundamentals of Scouting in mind. The Promise is the commitment made by all Members as they join Scouting, promising to share the values of Scouting.   It is usually renewed on an annual basis around St. George’s Day which is next Thursday.

Therefore I am inviting you – either on a personal basis or by supporting your child(ren) who are Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorer Scouts – to undertake the annual Promise renewal on Thursday 23 April, St. George’s Day.   The wording (including variations for different beliefs) and some videos for the promises can be found on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.   A table with all the links is shown at the end of this message.  No one is quite sure who coined the phrase ‘Once a Scout, always a Scout’ but former members of the Scout movement are also welcome to join in the Promise renewal.

Here’s our quick guide to what we would like you to do on Thursday 23 April 2020:

  1. Get someone to video your promise renewal or the promise renewal by your child(ren) on Thursday 23 April 2020.  

  2. Members of Isle of Wight Scouts with uniforms should wear their uniform and make the Scout sign (pictured) with their right hand as the renewal takes place.
  • Renew the Promise either speaking from memory, using the Words which you can down load from Facebook (see below) or speak with the videos on YouTube (see below)which show:
  • Beaver Scout Promises – Connor Jones, Youth Commissioner
  • Cub Scout Promise (original) – Mandy Holloway, Deputy County Commissioner
  • Cub Scout Promise (humanist) – Gary Meek, Deputy County Commissioner
  • Scout Promise (original) – Ali Burt, Deputy County Commissioner
  • Scout Promise (humanist) – Dave Simpson, County Commissioner
  • With appropriate help from your family post the video of your Promise renewal on as many social media platforms and websites as you use using the following hashtags: 
  • #IoWScouts
    • #Promise
    • #SkillsForLife

Remember some Social Media platforms have minimum age restrictions.   Guidance about Scouting online can be found at https://www.scouts.org.uk/volunteers/scouts-at-home/staying-safe-online

  • We would like to encourage as many members of Isle of Wight Scouting to take part in the national ‘Clap for Carers’ wearing their uniform at 20:00hrs (8:00pm) on Thursday 23 April– take a photo of that as well and post it online using the additional hashtags #ThankYouNHS and #ClapForCarers.

  • Please share your videos and photos on your own pages and, if your happy to share your videos and photos outside your own circle of friends, with us at:


To support the Promise renewal there are activities which young people can do to help with understanding the Promise.   These will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts from Friday 17 April.

If you have any questions about the Promise renewal or Scouting during the COVID-19 restrictions please contact your Section Leader, Group Scout Leader (GSL) or Explorer Scout Leader (ESL).    GSLs and ESLs should contact the ACCs or DCCs for advice if necessary.

Thank you for your support.


Dave Simpson, County Commissioner, Isle of Wight

Links to the Promise on Facebook and YouTube

 Beaver ScoutsCub ScoutsScouts, Explorer Scouts and Adults in Scouting
Christians, Jews and Sikhs (original)Words Video Sign LanguageWords Video Sign LanguageWords Video Sign Language
Hindus and BuddhistsWordsWordsWords
Humanists Atheists and those with no defined faithWords VideoWords VideoWords Video