Scouting on the Isle of Wight has been growing at an amazing rate since 2007, when we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Baden Powell’s first experimental Scout camp for boys.

We saw in the Centenary year with about 1,000 Scouts, including adults. 10 years later, in 2017, we have around 1,700 Scouts, including over 1,300 Young People.

How have we managed this fantastic growth? It’s simple: our brilliant PA team is always working to promote Scouting. Whether we’re working in the community, helping other people, having regular Troop Night meetings or having fun camping, hiking, or just playing games on this brilliant Island, we like to take advantage of any activity as a PA opportunity.

So how many people work in PA within Isle of Wight Scouts? Ooh, I’d say around 1,700 of us! Whenever we’re in the public eye we’re promoting Scouting.

Yes, ok there’s a bit more to it than that, so let me start by introducing myself:

Hi! I’m Malcolm Cox, and I’ve been a Scout for over 20 years. As Media Development Manager, I help Isle of Wight Scouts keep a high profile in local press, encouraging our own Scouts to take an active role in PR. I also help to organise media and PR events. And I’ve got a trained support team, the Wight Rovers Media Team.

Separate pages will tell you:

  • About the Wight Rovers Media Team (and our littlest team member, proudly holding his team badge, Sid the Scout)
  • Sid and his friends have a separate page where you can read about their Scouting Adventures
  • How we use Social Media as an important part of our PR and Communications
  • How to use the UK Scout branding – This page will be updated with the new branding information released on 15/5/18 as soon as we can.
  • Some of the amazing events we have on the Island, what we do there, and how to take advantage of the opportunities to use them for your own PR project.
  • A quick reminder – Isle of Wight Scouts is a Registered Charity, No: 302138. Take advantage or our Charity status!

Many of our Press Releases come through me, although more and more groups are sending out reports of their own activities and events. Anyone needing help or advice preparing a Press Release can contact me, or I can help to prepare a specific release. It is important to make sure that all of our Press Releases are “on Brand”, giving the correct message and referring to any current local or national PR campaigns. Additionally, the Wight Rovers run training sessions to help Scouts of all ages gain the skills and confidence to work on PR projects.

Our Press releases are mostly of local content, although in my role as MDM I am part of the national press team and some of our press releases are coordinated for simultaneous national release. The Isle of Wight County Press is the only local newspaper on the Island, and it’s read by most residents and quite a lot of visitors to the Island. The IWCP publishes at least one report mentioning Scouting activities most weeks and is a major part of our PR.

Main media targets

  • The Isle of Wight County Press – Local paper
  • Isle of Wight Radio – Local radio
  • On The Wight – Internet news
  • Island Echo – Internet news
  • The Beacon – Local magazine
  • Radio Solent – Local news
  • BBC Hampshire – Local news
  • We also feature occasionally on web-based Scouting Radio

Our Scouts are becoming more and more involved in Media promotion, through “The Wight Rovers Media Team” which has a badge designed by the Isle of Wight Festival Graphics Team.

Ex-Scout John Giddings, who promotes the Isle of Wight Festival, is our Island Scouting Ambassador.

For media or corporate inquiries please contact me directly:

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