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The Corf Campsite is located near Shalfleet, Isle of Wight, PO30 4NT, National Grid Ref. SZ417900. Shalfleet is on the Southern Vectis number 7 bus route between Newport and Yarmouth.

The campsite is accessed via a ¼ mile-long track off Corf Road and occupies land adjoining the Newtown River; it also is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Island Scouts have owned and operated the Corf Campsite since 1937.

Facilities – Outline

Not all the buildings are available all year only the Mattinson Centre. Other buildings in the main area are available from 1st April (Or Easter whichever comes First) until 30th November each year. The campsite consists of a central group of buildings (instructional and meeting rooms, toilets, showers, dormitories/kitchen/dining room, tuck shop, stores, etc.) surrounded by some 35 camping areas which are separated by bushes and hedging, a land area totaling some 8.9 hectares (22 acres).

The utility services provided at the campsite are electricity, water, sewage (on-site treatment), and internet (via Wi-Fi).

The northern boundary of the campsite is a shoreline with the Newtown River, this allows many water activities to be undertaken from the campsite.

The campsite is open for camping from 1st April (or Easter) to 31st October and closes to camping in the winter in order to comply with the requirements of the SSSI. However, the buildings in the central area are available for use all the year-round.

Usage and Availability

A wide range of youth groups use the campsite but it is mainly and extensively used by the Scouts for camping and outdoor activities in the summer months.

The facilities are also appropriate and available for hire by other organisations and groups, particularly those who are looking to conduct meetings and activities in a rural setting without the distractions often occurring at their place of work or learning.

Richard Crabtree Low-Level Obstacle Course

A low-level obstacle course is available as an activity for young people of 8 – 18 years, with adult supervision for up to 14 years. This comprises several different obstacles and challenges.

Water Activities

The campsite has a shoreline with Corf Lake, part of the Newtown River, with a jetty out from the campsite. This allows some water activities to take place in sheltered and safe waters, which are class C. Kayaks and canoes are available for hire at the campsite.

The Roberts Bird and Squirrel Hide

For naturalists there is available a bird and squirrel hide which is located by Corf Lake and overlooks much of the Newtown River allowing good views of the many water loving birds in the area. Further details may be obtained from the Campsite Warden.

Facilities Available – Details 

The main buildings are located in the central area of the site around a car parking area which can accommodate 15 cars; further car parking space is available.

The Campsite Warden, who is usually on site during the day, can provide further details and arrange access to the on-site facilities and equipment. The main facilities comprise the following:

Mitchell Centre

The Mitchell Centre provides an open fronted but covered area for social gatherings and some indoor games, particularly during inclement weather; the Tuck Shop is located in this area and is for the use of anyone using the campsite. The Campsite Wardens office is also in this building.


There are 35 camping areas of varying size each of which can accommodate several tents. These areas are separated by bushes and hedges giving some isolation between camps.
For camp fire cooking altar fire cradles are available for hire at the campsite.

Toilets and Showers

Toilet, wash and shower facilities, with separate facilities for men, women, boys and girls, are available for all campers and users of the site. Facilities for the physically disabled are also available.

Pack Holiday Centre and Dining Room

Sleeping accommodation is provided in two adjoining dormitories each equipped with bunk beds for up to 18 and 14 young people respectively. A separate room with two bunk beds is for adults.

Attached to, and hired with, this building is the Dining Room which has extensive catering facilities (pans and utensils are not included), with seating and tables for the residents of the Pack Holiday Centre to dine there.
Further adult sleeping accommodation is available in the adjacent Colenutt Cabins.

Mattinson Centre

This is a new building that has been designed primarily for lectures, meetings, discussion groups, etc. that require a well-equipped facility with space for up to 60 people in the main meeting room and with three smaller seminar rooms for small meetings and discussion groups.

Additionally the building contains toilets (including one for the physically disabled) and a well equipped kitchen suitable for providing drinks and light meals.

Activities Available – Details

Archery and Target Shooting

Archery is now situated on Site 37 near the East Car Park and Target Shooting is now inside the open area within the Mitchell Centre. The Archery equipment is available for hire at the campsite. Further details of both activities may be obtained from the Campsite Warden.

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