Adult Training
Find out about training for your role with our training team

How do I get started with my training?

Follow these three easy steps to get started with your training journey.

Step 1: Check the training requirements for your role

Training modules that you need to complete depend on the volunteer role that you are taking on. To find out the modules you need, visit Appointments: Table 2 which lists all of our roles and their training requirements.

Step 2: Complete your Personal Learning Plan with your Training Adviser

We know that many Scout volunteers have prior learning which they can apply to their Scouts role.

Meet with your Training Adviser and complete your Personal Learning Plan together, recognising your previous experience.

Step 3: Complete your training modules

Start your training journey here. Work through the mandatory and role specific modules for all volunteers and discover your ongoing learning requirements.

Book Training

If you need to complete or renew your adult training you can now book your training sessions through our online portal.

Submit Training Evidence

If you’ve completed online training and you need to get it validated you can upload it through our online portal it will be sent to a training advisor for validation.