The Scouts Rebrand
Skills for Life is part of The Scouts new brand image

What’s changed?

The new brand has been developed to help prepare even more young people with the skills they need to succeed in life whilst simultaneously making a positive impact on society.

It builds on the work of the previous strategy, Scouting for All, and continues to focus on each of our four strategic areas, which are:

  • Helping Scouting grow
  • Being more inclusive
  • Youth shaped
  • Making a bigger impact in local communities

The new Scout Association logo has just launched.

The Message

The new brand guidelines focus exclusively on skills for life – helping the public better understand scouting whilst simultaneously helping young people develop the character, employability, and practical skills to succeed in life. The new visual identity promises to be easier to reproduce online and is supported by a wide range of tools and resources that can be found in the new Scout brand centre.

The Colour

The new and improved colour palette offers eight primary colours, plus black and white. It is advised that each colour is used within isolation or in their respective pairs which are as follows:


  • Scout Purple & Scout Teal
  • Scout Red & Scout Pink
  • Scout Green & Scout Navy
  • Scout Blue & Scout Yellow
The new colour palette.

The Font

The chosen font is Nunito Sans which has been described by The Scout Association as being clean, contemporary, and highly legible. It was chosen to express personality whilst remaining confident and inclusive.

Nunito Sans has been chosen as the new brand font.

Scout Brand Centre

Learn more about our brand and get all you need to create great communications.

Download guidelines and logos straightaway, or  access a wide range of tools, resources and templates.

Scout Brand Guidelines

This guide will help you understand who
we are, what we do and how we show
ourselves to the world.

When we have a strong and consistent brand and talk clearly about our benefits, we will attract more support for Scouting in the UK.